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"I forbid argument. Conquer! That is enough." - Emperor Elion VII

A galaxy to conquer

A shattered Empire reaches for the stars once more - hounded at every border, will this expansion usher in a new age or see it utterly destroyed?

Modular ships

Hundreds of modules, countless combinations. Engines, shields, artilleries, ion cannons, lances, phase disruptors... How will you build your ship?

Dynamic metagame

The galaxy doesn't stop because the player is fighting. The tides can turn as nearby fleets join the fray or answer to distress calls.

This galaxy... is ours.

In the distant past, the galaxy was united under the iron fist of the Empire - but the good, old days of totaliarism are now a faint memory. It is your place, as an Imperial Captain, to bring them back!

Take your mass-produced Lancer gunship and re-conquer the galaxy. Easy.

I'll take the particle accelerator

You can assemble your ship by putting together modules which you find as you travel through the galaxy, meet new, interesting factions and then blow them up.

Rarer loot is better loot... and it is a large galaxy with plenty of opportunities. Against some enemies energy weapons are excellent, against others a nice, thick layer of reactive armour will serve you better.

It is a balancing act, but in the end all that matters is that their ships explode before yours does.

Walk softly and bring a dreadnought

As you progress in the game you become able to expand your ship further and further. Starting as a small gunship, you'll eventually be capable of assembling massive dreadnoughts that gorge on lesser ships.

And if you ever feel like one dreadnought isn't enough, you can always bring some AI controlled Imperial ships to create a fleet.

My fleet, my rules.

In addition to allowing to assemble your own ship as you feel like, there is also a perk system in place where you can acquire powerful bonuses to match your preferred playstyle.

Whether you prefer to have a single massively powerful ship or a fleet, boost the Empire's economy or just pack as many weapons as you can into your hull, the perk system has you covered.